21 July 2008

2008 Pike's Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Race Day!

Quick update - both Mustangs finished very well and everyone is happy! Todd Landon #399 with Geezer navigating ran a 16:20 and Doug Allen #369 ran a 15:23.

It was a lot of effort and not a lot of sleep over the course of 7 days to run a 16 minute speed stage but very rewarding and a lot of fun.

Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes in one of the La Carrera race cars won the vintage division with a time of 14:26. !Ole!

All ten of the La Carrera cars finished - quite an accomplishment.

Todd and Geezer - a fantastic Pike's Peak International Hill Climb finish!

Doug Allen discusses the 156 turns with Nobuhiro Tajima, the overall winner.

Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes - winners of the Vintage class at Pike's Peak!

Mockett's winning Oldsmobile Rocket.

17 July 2008

2008 Pike's Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Day 2 of Practice

A brief update - just finished Day 2 of practice, one more practice day to go and then the race is Sunday. Both Moriah and The Gypsy Wind are running exceptionally well (after adjusting the jets for the altitude about 20 different times!) and both Todd and Doug Allen are posting solid practice times.

The schedule for Wed, Thu, Fri and Sunday (the actual race) is as follows.....not a lot of sleep involved!

-Wake up at 2:15 am and get ready to race.
-Leave the motel in Manitou Springs at 3:00 am and drive to Pike's Peak.
-Gate on Pike's Peak Hwy opens at 3:30 am - drive up the hill to our group's practice start line.
-Sunrise 5:30 am begin racing and go until 8:30 am.
-Return to motel and go back to bed at 10:00 am.
-After a few hours wake up and continue to work on the cars for the rest of the day.
-Meals are optional.

Practice Results are posted here - we are running the Vintage class. Todd Landon #399 is in Moriah, the yellow 1967 Mustang Shelby GT350 convertible and Doug Allen of Aspen #369 is in The Gypsy Wind, the white 1965 Mustang Fastback with red stripes.

Day 1 Practice - 3rd leg and top section of the race from Devil's Playground to the top of Pike's Peak.

Pre-race preparation

Day 1 Practice: Devil's Playground

Day 1 Practice: A run from Devil's Playground to the top of Pike's Peak.

Day 1 Practice: Doug Allen of Aspen, CO in the Gypsy Wind.

Day 1 Practice: Moriah at the Devil's Playground

Day 1 Practice: Lineup of vintage racers and a few miscellaneous racers, with Gypsy Wind in front

Looking down on the switchbacks from the Devil's Playground.

Day 2 Practice (start line to Glen's Cove):

Day 2 Practice: Around 4am at the official race start, Todd and Geezer.

Day 2 Practice: Starting lineup.

Day 2 Practice: The big view up to the top of Pike's Peak, the flat looking peak on the left.

Day 2 Practice: Doug Mockett's Rocket.

Day 2 Practice: Mockett's Rocket represents his fantastic co-piloto, Angelica Fuentes with a great bumper sticker, "Real Women Don't Need Guardrails."

Day 2 Practice: Todd and Geezer.

Day 2 Practice: Gerie Bledsoe and Todd.