29 May 2008

Small World - Bumping Into PanAm Friends

In the last few months I've been lucky to hang with some great people I met at La Carrera!

In March on my way to Australia and New Zealand I bumped into Stanley Bauer. I met Stanley at the PanAm in 2006 when he was navigating with Christian Reichardt in the original PanAm Lincoln. I was waiting in the security line at LAX as he was passing by, we locked eyes and he stopped dead in his tracks. With his race helmet in hand, he was on his way to Melbourne to race. Later after I'd driven several hundred miles on the left side of the road in Oz it got me to wondering about racing both right hand and left hand drive cars - I'm sure it keeps it exciting!

In April Dyana Marlett flew from L.A. to watch her Red Wings slaughter the Colorado Avalanche. I thought she would get beat up prancing around in her big old red jersey in front of the rabid (and losing) Avs fans, but both of us girls were wearing our cowboy boots so we held our ground. ;)

In early May, Todd came to Golden, Colorado to pick up his first ever Rocky Mountain project Mustang (originally sold at Hover Motors, Denver). We found a pair of Coors coveralls in the trunk so we know it's the real thing. You will see this car again, though you may not recognize it!

In mid-May, Todd and I traveled to Primm, Nevada to meet up with his longtime friends, Frank and Evelyn Currie of Currie Enterprises and Racing Rearends and former Carrera racers. We watched their grandson, Casey Currie, tear up the dirt track in the Offroad Racing Championships.

Frank Currie and Todd Landon

Kristin in front of Casey Currie's race truck.

My friends Jorge y Tomas of Dover Brother Racing and Michael of Lucha Libre Racing both report they are IN for the 2008 La Carrera Panamerica!

In July, Todd and I will join other Carreraistas racing at the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs.

And for an update back in Zacatecas, Geezer and Rene have been racing their VW bug on the local track, pushing the 40hp as far as it can go (up on two wheels!). This weekend NASCAR comes to the track in Zacatecas. The "Penguino Racer" sports #11 just like El Jefe.

12 May 2008

2008 Chihuahua Express: Mama Not Happy

It was a downhill RIGHT 3 into a LEFT 1 about 42 km into the first day...........