25 March 2008

2008: Off to Chihuahua for El Expresso!


I am stoked to report that my PanAm team, TumbaBurros de Zacatecas (TBZ) has joined forces with Todd Landon's Mustangs To Go for the Chihuahua Express 2008 Road Rally in Chihuahua, Mexico on April 11-13, 2008.

Mustang builder Todd Landon will arrive with "Moriah", his 1967 Shelby GT350 convertible with rubber toes on the starting line. The piloto/copiloto team is led by the U.S. Organizer for La Carrera Panamericana, Gerie Bledsoe (CA) and includes Vance Stewart Jr. (Zacatecas, Mex), Vance Stewart III (VA) and Brian Glass (MN).
Todd's vintage Mustang corral also includes the highly competetive "Bag O' Nails" driven by Richard Tyzack (U.K.) and "The Gypsy Wind" driven by Doug Allen (CO) - both veteran Historic C cars/drivers of ChiX and La Carrera Panamericana (http://bisonspirit.blogspot.com/).

El Expreso is a 3-day road rally covering 1,000+ miles in the Mexican state of Chihuahua where competitors will race their powerful cars, put their skills to the test and feel the adrenaline rush in places like the world famous “Barranca del Cobre” (Copper Canyon) that encompasses six massive gorges spread over 25,000 square miles of rugged terrain with elevations ranging from 7,500 to 9,500 feet and peaks rising to 12,000 feet. The lineup is stacked with many PanAm competitors driving both late model and vintage race cars. It is sure to be a fun ride!

(It breaks my heart to miss Chi Chi with this fantastic and exciting new partnership, but I had already booked a spring skiing trip at Winter Park, Colorado. Both fun - tough choices!)


24 March 2008

2007: In Search of the Mystery Photographer from our Spinout

2007 Day 2 Teohuacan to Puebla

TBZ spinout on speed stage 1.

Does anyone know who the photographer is wearing tan pants, army green shirt with yellow tshirt underneath? Possibly associated with the other 2 guys in yellow tshirts?

I would love to get a copy of the film! Thanks!

Who is the guy in the tan pants and army green shirt in front of the car (above)?