28 October 2007

2007: Day 3 - Puebla to Mexico City to Queretaro

Thank you very mucho to everyone who has emailed, called, texted and left messages on my blog. My phone display broke when we went over the cliff. I can receive calls but can't do anything else - can't even see the screen, it is just a blur of lines like an old fashioned TV channel that went off the air. You can still call me though!

I am lucky enough to have the internet this morning, a Go Fast energy drink in my hand and the news that it's daylight savings so it's actually 530am instead of 630am. We ride today from the beautiful city of Puebla, across a mountain pass that reminds me of home, to the world's biggest city - Mexico City. According to Eduardo Leon, the race organizer, they will shut down Periferico in the heart of Mexico City for a very fast speed stage. He said he will believe it when he sees the first green flag. He said this is like closing the 405 in L.A. on a Sunday. My guess is that because it's Mexico, it will go better than planned as people in this country, in my opinion, handles change, disruption and chaos better than we do in the U.S.

After Mexico City we make our way to Queretaro, the home of my dear friends Rudi van den Berg and his wife Gabi. It is a bummer but they are both out of town right now. We depended heavily on them last year when our car broke down in the mountains 2 - 1/2 hours outside of Queretaro. Rudi and Gabi lead our service truck up the mountain in the dark through villages and roads that didn't make any sense to us, to finally rescue the car.

Stewie just walked in the room and said two Belgians are in jail for going 110mph in a school zone and having a car accident. Please note that all of the information we receive is word of mouth and should be considered gossip until we hear official race news. Hopefully no one was injured. [A postscript note - we heard later that no such speeds were involved, though the crash did involve 3 race cars and a local car but I didn't hear of any injuries and I don't think anyone went to jail.] This race does not tolerate behavior that endangers anyone- the race doesn't call for it and the only time we hit high speeds are on the interstates and when the roads are closed to the public for official speed stages.

Geezer says to tell everyone we are doing good and working our way towards later starting times every day. Puebla had the earliest start last year as well and you can see the fatigue is catching up to everyone. He said when he got to the parking lot this morning in the dark by himself he said, "Do I really want to do this?" But then Stewie showed up, and there was Rene with a smile and there was me with a hug and kiss and he said he knew then that yes, this was exactly what he wanted to be doing.

Hasta luego, amigos!

some photos, the early start, the burned out corvette, the navigator (close up of guy with brown hair and goatee - his goatee is singed), la pena de bernal (mountain).

A very early morning in Puebla

Kari Rensing, navigator of car #555, Porsche 911 GT3 and Bret Haller, founder of www.theunlimitedclass.com

The beautiful 1965 Corvette, reduced to its frame

The Corvette navigator, a man lucky to be alive, with burns on his backside and a singed goatee

One of my favorite teams - Richard Tyzack running the beautiful "Bag O'Nails" Mustang built by Todd Landon

Tough to spot but there is a cool mountain in this pic - la Pena de Bernal outside of Queretaro

The original PanAm Lincoln guys are all crazy - Brad Kaplan of the #404 yellow Lincoln

Simon Jefferies of the "Bag O'Nails" Mustang with mechanic Seamus Nolan with their 1st place for today's route


The Joyful Creator said...

Girlfriend, I am SOOOOOO Glad to hear you are OK! I haven't checked your blog since wednesday, so just caught up on all the news! I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping us posted, it's great fun to read. I have been thinking about you alot! I told Nanci today, Kristin is racing! 3rd day!
Anyway, I am enjoying living vicariously through you on this journey! Keep having a blast!

elkmtnman said...

Kristin..... I'm a little late to the party here but read all your reports this morning...after I looked at the photos. Which were a bit scary with your car obviously off track, but good to see you holding the OK sign high!!!

So glad to hear no injuries and you completed the race. Congrats to your team too.

Looking forward to more pictures when you get home.