29 October 2007

2007: Day 4 - Queretaro to Morelia

Hola amigos. We had a solid day of racing yesterday and ended up at 40th place for the day. We came through Mexico city at 41 degrees and rain and that was cold! Rene drove in the morning with Stewie navigating and the morning was mostly transit through the mountains, but then they closed Periferico in the heart of Mexico City and raced a fast and straight 5km. In the afternoon Geezer drove with Stewie navigating. I stayed in the service truck all day as I am still a little spooked.

In the morning we had a caravan of 3 trucks and trailers going through Mexico City. Behind us was the burned out Corvette from Colorado. I got to talk to both driver and navigator to hear about the experience, which I will relay later. Freaky for sure. In Mexico City we got pulled over by the local police and Geezer had to pay $120 USD because two of the trucks blew a red light. Then the Corvette guys got pulled over and had to pay another $100 USD for some unknown infraction - we think for not having registration for the Corvette. Imagine being seconds away from going up in flames the day before, trailering your Vette which is mostly ashes by now, and getting pulled over because there were no papers in the glovebox. Hello! There is no glovebox. Anyway.

Last night Rene and I partied in the zocolo with Brad from the yellow Original PanAm Lincoln until the cars arrived. It was a great party and we got back to the hotel to work on the car. As usual Rene did his magic and replaced the regulator as we were having trouble with the alternator. He did something else but he told Geezer he won't tell him what the problem was until we get to Nuevo Laredo. He is a funny guy!

Today we head out of Queretaro towards Morelia. This afternoon we navigate the famous Mil Cumbres (1000 summits/1000 turns). In the Zocolo I had a nice talk with Angelica Fuentes who navigated the winning car last year. She has been racing La Carrera since 1992 and is in high demand to navigate. In 1992 during the race she lost two dear friends when they went off a cliff. She confirmed my feelings of still not being comfortable with getting back in the car and said I should go back when I'm ready.

Morelia is a beautiful area and some of it reminds me of Colorado. Mexico is mountains....everywhere you look.....and Morelia has a huge beautiful lake to add to the beauty.

hasta luego....

This is Geezer in Morelia at dinner, frustrated because the waiters don't always understand his Spanish....he asked for CUATRO CORONAS and they brought two. ?? That's him hiding his head under the tablecloth so he can speak to them in Spanish but they won't see that he's a gringo and disregard him, and later enunciating CUATRO CORONAS to the plate. He is nonstop entertainment!


mcneil said...

Pretty exciting.
Glad you are ok.
Will keep fingers xed
for safety this leg of the adventure.
Tell Geezer that he has great legs!
Hope you stay warm all.
Love to you all
Aunt R

Carla said...

Just caught up on the blog - how funny I did not know all this when we breifly spoke today....Love you and glad all is good.
You rock Sista!

Lalo said...

Hello Kristin or Chapulina, I do not know

I Lalo, nephew of Rene, maybe you have heard of my, I´m living in the Mexico City, I try to read the blog almost every day, just yesterday im talk with my brother Fabian and told me that overturned, but it see that everything is ok.

Buena Suerte !

Saludos Tio Rene ......