31 October 2007

2007: Day 6 - Aguascalientes to Zacatecas (Geezer's Hometown)

I told an adoring fan I liked his shirt - many of the local club members wore them showing they were official motorcyclist police of Aguascalientes and the back had a skull riding a motorcycle

so he did a strip tease......

and gave me the shirt off his back!

so Geezer made him the proud owner of a TBZ shirt

Stewie and Stacy, the copilot of the tiny Fiat Abarth, discuss the route of the day in Aguas

Team TBZ at the start in Aguas

Tom Overbaugh's beautiful original PanAm Lincoln lost its transmission, then they bent an axle on their trailer so we took the car to the TBZ shop where the TBZ guys fixed the axle

I ran into Rene's dad taking his mom for a walk outside their shop in Guadalupe!

The route at the end of the run up La Bufa. When you see multiple turns on one row of the page, that means they are S turns - one after another.

Ralph and Bill of the Hot Rod Lincoln Team get the party started in downtown Zacatecas

Bimbo and Rene drive El Jefe back to the shop for more work

I forgot what it's called but in Zacatecas we receive necklaces with shot glasses and we march with the mariachi band all through downtown Zacatecas, stopping to dance along the way, en route to the party at the bull ring.

Eddie, mechanic extraordinaire for the Habich Team, boogies to the beat

John and Emine of the beautiful Daytona coupe from Canada

Kristin and Anders from the Swedish Team led by Mats Hammarlund (after about 9 shots of tequila) with Johnny Tipler, Motoring Author in the background

Kristin and Brad Kaplan of the legendary yellow original PanAm Lincoln

Rene, Bimbo and K at the bull ring party

The epic 17th century San Pedro bullring with the 16th century aqueduct in the background in Zacatecas

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