19 December 2006

2006: Killer Videos

Check out this killer video on YouTube:

In 5 minutes of watching you can amp up on the adrenaline of La Carrera Panamericana!
At 2:59 in the video there is a still shot of Geezer downing a Go Fast energy drink.
At 3:50 you see El Jefe ripping around a corner in the jungle near Jalcomulco.

Watch the Mini roll and drive off afterwards!

This is a good vid too:

And you have to watch this one - 38 sec film of Rusty Ward sliding his policia Studebaker off a bridge and into a river:

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Anonymous said...

I love this page, the pictiures are great! You put a lot of effort in to this and it turned out awesome! Top step of the podium this year. Looking good in the drivers suit!!!