06 November 2006

2006: The Great Trailer Race

Geezer (my dad) called from Veracruz this afternoon, the official race start location. He says we've got a beautiful hotel right on the beach. He and Rene have been traveling down from Zacatecas and caught up with the Coyote Convoy which consists of participants who met in Nuevo Laredo last Saturday and traveled together to Veracruz.

They joined the convoy prior to hitting Mexico City and assumed they would circle the outskirts of the behemouth city. The leader of the convoy had something else in mind - driving 70 mph with trucks and trailers through the heart of Mexico City at midnight in the rain. My dad said it was a madhouse and he and Rene called it The Great Trailer Race. He said of the 30 or so vehicles in the convoy, it was a miracle everyone made it!

Already an adventure and the race has not even started yet.


PBAD said...

Are you cruzin? PBAD wants to know.

PBAD said...

Are you cruzin? PBAD wants to know?