04 November 2006

2006: Bienvenido a La Carrera Panamericana 2006

!Hola! In less than a week, my dad, my brother, my dad's friend, Rene and I are racing a 1952 Ford Victoria across Mexico from south to north in a vintage car race called La Carrera Panamericana. We will race for 7 straight days and cover almost 2,000 miles of Mexican desert, tropics, mountains, coastline, and jungle.

The legendary La Carrera was originally run in Mexico from 1950 to 1954 to promote tourism and advertise the opening of the Panamerican Highway. The race did its advertising duty and was eventually shut down due to the number of fatalities, but was reincarnated in the late 80s.

Veracruz to Monterrey.....November 10-16th, 2006.....join us here for the adventure....it is sure to be a trip.


Rene with "El Jefe" after 5 months of work, and ready to run in 2006

#11 racing up La Bufa in Zacatecas in one of its 5 previous La Carrera runs

Kristin and Geezer test driving, November 2005


Museo Carrera Panamericana said...

Te gustaría contribuir con videos, fotos, revistas o libros para el primer museo iconográfico de la carrera panamericana, ubicado el bellísimo balneario de Cancún, México, y en agradecimiento quedas invitado al museo cuando vengas a Cancún.
Te agradecemos tu colaboración de antemano.
Escríbenos. info@museocarrerapanamericana.com

jylafon said...

Hello I live in France where I had the chance to drive an Alfa Romeo which race the panamericana in 1998.
I'm looking for some informations about its driver called Victor Ortiz, car n° 155 in 1998
And I found an other info about Panamericana 2002 : En la de seis cilindros el sitio de honor fue para Víctor Ortiz y Elsa Ortiz, a bordo de un Porsche 911 1966.

I would like to learn more about the races he did, which yearn where...
And I don't speak spanish, so it's a bit hard to search for datas.

Thanks if you can help.